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"... once again, thank you Akamai for providing the most professional and knowledgeable property inspection service available. Your reports are clear and concise, and your patience and client rapport are a real plus. Our motto is ... 'Resort to the Best,' so naturally, we wouldn't dream of using anyone else."
Bob Myers &
Suzanne Patterson
Kona Resort Properties

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Akamai Home Inspection Company provides comprehensive information about the condition of real property.

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Well-known for being patient and thorough, Akamai Home Inspection Company offers the most professional, prompt, and courteous service available in the Big Island Community

We follow the AHSI Code of Ethics:
Integrity • Safety • Thoroughness • Honesty • Impartiality • Professionalism form the moral standards by which we conduct the business of performing inspections in a real estate transaction.

Meeting and Exceeding ASHI Standards of Practice.

A complete Home Inspection includes the following:

  • Structural condition of foundation, walls, and floors
  • Roof, roof structure, chimneys, and components.
  • Attic and insulation.
  • Electrical system safety check, panels, breakers, and circuit lines.
  • Plumbing system, water heater, and sewer lines.
  • Operational testing of electrical and plumbing fixtures and appliances.
  • Driveway, walkways, and retaining walls. Lanai, patios, and decks.
  • Site drainage, gutters, and water control around the home.
  • Exterior and interior components, doors, windows, cabinets, and crawl spaces.

Systems Available for Inspection by the Akamai Experts for an Additional Fee Include:

  • A/C systems - single and multi-zone.
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Solar photovoltaic electric systems.
  • Smart Home/ Low Voltage Electrical Systems.
  • Pond and waterfall systems.
  • Pools and spas.
  • Catchment water systems.

Items Outside The Scope of The Inspection Include:    

Code or Occupancy Designation; Compliance with manufacturers’ Specifications or Manufacturers’ Recalls; Auxiliary systems such as Alarm, Private Water, Private Sewer, Security, Sprinklers, Elevator, Intercom, Central Vacuum (other than an operational test), Space Heaters, Fire sprinklers, Countertop Microwaves. In addition, no inspection for household insects or rodents will be done, however will be noted in the inspection report if evidence is found during the home inspection process.

Additional Items Outside The Scope of the Inspection